AC5 Grey Oak

  • Product Code: MFO954GO
    £32.00 £16.50 PER SQM


  • Product: Wood Underlay
    £16.90 £16.50 PER SQM

Every Home Needs A Solid Foundation


Lets tick some boxes:

  • AC5 Commercial Grade
  • Antistatic properties
  • Fireproof Panel
  • Waxed Locks
  • Polished Finish
  • 8mm Thickness

UKLS Floor is a simple, glue-free jointing system that provides fast quick way of laying the invisible joints between the panels. The patented Angle or snap allows for convenient installation even in the last rows. To provide the best long-term properties of the floor our system uses Hydro-protect moisture resistant and resistant HDF tight lock, sealed edges. The profile is sealed watertight paraffin, this prevents moisture penetration and reduces the creak.

Measure up!

Dimensions: 1200x189 | Thickness: 8 mm | Surface: 1.81 m2 | 

Pieces per box: 8 | Box weight: 13.5 Kg |

Your covered...

20 Years Guarantee for domestic use only.

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