AC5 Commercial Grade Laminate:

The Highest Grade Laminate on the Market! 

The perfect solution to follow through the entire house:


What is AC5?

AC5 is the highest class for laminate flooring, rating it the most durable laminate flooring on the market.


What makes it different?

Other than being AC5 it is also moisture resistant, as a laminate flooring alone it has some pretty powerful

properties to ensure longevity and quality.


Why this stair cladding solution?

Our stair cladding is the the most versatile option on the market the bullnose is a complete unit and is the only solution with the option to provide exact match flooring throughout the entire home.

To elaborate, it does not have to end on the stairs, you can follow through onto the landing into the

bedrooms or into the hall and the rest of the house. Ensuring a consistant finish throughout your home. 


 Is it easy to apply?

DIY style fitting, easy to apply, no mess and can be achieved in one single day!

To simplify 1x step is made up of the following:.

  • 1x Bullnose
  • 2x Extension tread - riser

The Extension Tread - Riser makes up both the second half of the tread (bullnose) and the riser.

This makes certain there is an element of flexibility for staircases with winders or larger sized steps.


The Benefits?

Hmm, where to start?

  • Easy to clean - Hygenic solution in comparison to tradtional carpet
  • No maintenance - Made with longevity in mind
  • Pet Friendly - Ideal for dogs (especially those who molt alot) 
  • Design at its best - Highly durable, great for busy homes
  • Feature to the eye - Beautiful yet practical
  • DIY - Can be fitted by yourself in as little as a day 
  • 15 Colours - You can never have too much choice


You do have the option to make these solutions your very own by mix and matching between the bullnose and risers...


Before & Happily Ever After . . .


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