R O U N D - O N E

Rounded Laminate Bullnose:

What is it made of?


The Maëstro Steps treads and risers are built on MDF. This base is fitted with a laminate or

veneer layer finished with various protective layers offering high load resistance and ease of

maintenance. The printed laminate layer is very realistic and hardly to be distinguished from

the real thing 

Why this stair cladding solution?

Steps makes use of the tread-over-tread system. This means that your existing staircase does

not need to be removed, and that you can easily apply the staircase renovation surface to the

existing base. These do not need any treatment after installation (apart from our veneer solution).

Installing is easy and fast, and you can easily do it yourself. On top of this it is a budget-friendly



Is it easy to apply?

DIY style fitting, easy to apply, no mess and can be achieved in one single day!

You only need to measure the sizes of the existing tread boards, mark them off on the new tread

boards, cut the new tread boards to size and glue them onto the old tread boards. In this way you

can quickly and easily renovate your stairs yourself without any construction work. Watch the

installation video:

It is recommended to allow the stair components to acclimatise first for at least 24 hours in the area

where they are to be installed.

Just as with laminate flooring, The Round One have an expected lifespan of 20 years, depending on

the intensity of the residential use. The sturdy surface layer protects your stairs from moisture and dirt.


Mix & Match

You do have the option to make these solutions your very own by mix and matching between the bullnose and risers...

Only with the "Round One" can you have the white paintable riser for a really unique twist!


The Benefits?

Hmm, where to start?


  • Easy to clean - Hygenic solution in comparison to tradtional carpet
  • No maintenance - Made with longevity in mind
  • Pet Friendly - Ideal for dogs (especially those who molt alot) 
  • Design at its best - Highly durable, great for busy homes
  • Feature to the eye - Beautiful yet practical
  • DIY - Can be fitted by yourself in as little as a day 
  • 8 Colours - You can never have too much choice