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Beautiful, robust, perfectly finished laminate stair cladding.

This package is ideal for stairs with 12 steps, no rounded bottom step and no winders. 



12x Completed Steps:

  • 12 Bullnoses
  • 24 Risers + Ext Treads


Lets tick some boxes:

  • Easy to install, cut to size and applicable to any shape step/ staircase.
  • 15 Colours available to include exact match flooring.
  • All laminate products AC5 grade, perfect for heavy traffic rooms & throughfairs.
  • A unique, perfectly finished laminate bullnose tread allowing for continuety of flooring throughout your entire home.


* For a deeper tread requirement, you can simply purchase a matching extension tread*
For those steps that have a rounded bottom bullnose, we recommend ordering 1x extra bullnose for a perfect finish *

Measure up!

  • Tread Length - 1200mm
  • Tread Depth - 290mm
  • Riser Length - 1200mm
  • Riser Depth - 190mm

Your covered!

10 Year Domestic Guarantee 




Easy DIY installation - send us your makeover photos & recieve a thank you voucher on us.

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