Laminate stairs are a new concept & therefore we understand there may be a bit of confusion of how

to ensure your ordering the right quantity along with the correct components.


Based on commonly asked questions this is a little guide to help ensure your order is perfect for your soon to be

stair cladding transformation.


  • How many steps do I require?

We do offer packages to simplify your purchase, the packages are based on stairs with 12 or 13 steps with no winding steps.

Alternatively you can count the number of steps including the top landing step and make note that each step requires 2x treads. one for the extension of the bullnose and one for the riser. 

A completed cladded step is made up of a bullnose, a tread to connect to the bullnose to ensure a big enough step and also a riser,

resulting in a complete step.


  • What do I need if i have winding steps? 

If you have winders/winding steps, you simply need to order Extension treads 1x for each winding step which will ensure

maximum coverage for theose wider steps.


Example of winding steps. 


  • I have a rounded bottom step?

Square of the curved edge and mitre the bullnose to achieve the connecting angular fit, using the off cut peice of bullnose simply connect both parts of the bullnose to ensure the perfect fit as seen below:



  • What else may I need?

We do offer a range of accessories to ensure you can order the complete package in one. 

Premium Adhesive - For installation of stair cladding, we would recommend 9x adhesiver per 13 steps. 

Silicone -Purely used as a sealent and to complete the aesthetical makeover, we would recommed 1x silicone per 13x steps.

Flooring - Exact match follow through flooring, for a consistent, premium finish throughout your home. 


  • Preparation for your stair cladding:

In some cases the existing stair bullnose will be particulary prominent to overcome this we would recommed planing off a proportion of

the existing bullnose or pack the risers out to ensure a seamless finish with no exposure of the existing under stair treads/bullnose. 

Of Course, if you have any questions please contact us.