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Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate the questions and appreciate it is a fairly new concept to the UK and understand your concerns, UKLS are here to assure you. ​This is where we answered the most commonly asked questions, we update this page as and when viable questions are asked so that we can improve our services and customer experience.


Step one: Box your existing curved step to create a straight right angle base. 

Step Two: Cut the bullnose at a 45 degree angle (mitre cut) at the length of the exposed end of the step.

Step Three: Using the excess material from the bullnose, mitre cut at the opposite angle.

See example image to demonstrate our product in situ. 



All material is commercial grade, dry, touch textured finsh with anti-slip qualities.


NO PROBLEM: Utilising the tongue and groove systems, simply continue with the exact match extension treads to the required dimensions. 

See example demonstration of solution in situ:



Waterproof technology

HYDROPROTECT is the technology that makes our flooring suitable for installation in demanding spaces. It is possible thanks to 3 features:
1.- Our precise click-based system provides air-tight seals that stop liquid seepage.
2.- All our slats are sealed on all 4 edges with paraffin. This product, due to its water-repellent nature, protects the backing board against humidity.
3.- Our careful manufacturing process uses a very dimensionally stable HDF substrate.



Antistatic protection

The special treatment reduces uncomfortable static electricity discharges. This feature is especially valued in commercial premises and offices. Thanks to this novel technology, one of the common drawbacks of many coatings are largely eliminated.


Click system

The adhesive-free system (flooring only) allows installation on virtually any material without the need to fix it to the existing surface; it can be installed both at an angle and flat, with the latter option, greatly facilitating the assembly of the final slats.


Suitable for bathrooms and kitchens

Suitable for installation in bathrooms and kitchens. It must be installed in combination with the joint sealant and silicone filler for the remaining space between the floor and the walls. It cannot be applied to bevelled products or commercial installations. 



Level of use

Suitable for heavy commercial and high transit domestic use in accordance with EN13329. It can be installed in any domestic space and in commercial places such as large offices, corridors and hotel rooms, training rooms, schools and public buildings.


This refers to the resilience of the flooring surface against traffic and daily wear. Its high resistance makes FINfloor suitable for installation in commercial and residential spaces with high traffic.


Suitable for underfloor heating

All our laminate floors are suitable for installation in rooms with underfloor heating. Installation instructions may be found in Downloads on the manufacturer's website




Laminate floors class 33 have a warranty of 20 years for domestic use and 10 years for commercial use. The commercial use warranty is 5 years in the case of bevelled products. The warranty is 3 years for domestic use in kitchens, toilets or bathrooms (excluding bevelled products).


Regardless of the depth of your winding step no additional material will be required.

Step one: Mitre the first extension tread to specifically to the winder dimension 

Step Two: Utilise the excess material to mitre cut the required dimension of the remaining exposed piece. 

Our product is a tongue and groove system which allows you to extend the tread to any required shape of dimension.

Please see example demonstration of solution in situ. 


To ensure a perfect finish all materials are provided oversized and will need to be cut specifically to each step dimension.

Yes indeed, we supply exact match colour with the exact match tongue and groove system to allow for a seamless continuation throughout your home.