We appreciate the questions and appreciate it is a fairly new concept to the UK

and understand your concerns, UKLS are here to assure you.


 This is where we answered the most commonly asked questions, we update this page as and when

viable questions are asked so that we can improve our services and customer experience.


Are the laminate stairs slippery?

We like to answer this question with a question of our own. 

Is your laminate flooring slippery? 

The reason we ask this is because our laminate stair cladding is an extension of your laminate flooring.

It has the same qualities as laminate flooring only slightly more abrasive as it is commercial grade. 

Do not run up and down the stairs in your socks + do not apply any polishes to the stairs in which could make

your stairs slippy. It is one thing to slip on your flooring and another to slip and fall down the stairs.

Always wear appropriate footwear on your stairs and with regards to children you should always supervise when

they are going up and down your stairs regardless of it being carpet or laminate.​​​



Are the laminate stairs noisy?

This is soley dependant on your staircase structure, if you have existing creaky stairs then we would

advise these are rectified and fixed down safely before the fitting the laminate cladding on top.

This would be likewise apply to carpet.

With regards to general noise, it is the same principle as laminate flooring. For example if your wearing

heeled footwear,  your going to hear them clicking as you go up and down the stairs in the same respect

you would hear you coming from the hallway.