Laminate Stair Cladding, innovative stair design for 2019

Who are we?

A West Midlands-based company making an impact with a new innovative range of products to create a feature out of what normally would be a house structure.

What do we provide:

We provide a completely bespoke stair cladding solution along side a couple of other ranges to diversify with our clientele. Our pinnacle solution “The Square One” has the most versality and offerings to create a complete solution for your stairs and home.


Being invested in property renovations, it came to our attention there was a large gap in the market for alternative solutions for your stairs. Carpet is the most affordable and most popular, make no mistake carpet can be very expensive dependant on the quality you choose.

On the other end of the scale the only other options would be to change the staircases entire infrastructure which can be very costly. Within this budget you can achieve floating staircases, glass staircases, Oak staircases etc. These options will set you back thousands.

So, what’s the happy medium? This is where we fit in, UKLS. We are not cheap, but we are affordable, we offer an affordable solution which will last 5x times longer than carpet (making you a saving over a longer period of time), it is easier to clean, there is absolutely no maintenance and it looks amazing.

What makes us unique?


  • Passion – We are so passionate about our solution all our staff have this in their own homes!
  • Quality – Our solution is manufactured out of AC5 Commercial grade laminate, one of the highest-grade laminates on the market. It is extremely durable and with the bonus of being moisture resistant
  • Versatile – This solution boasts a fair few benefits but the main one has got to be it can be fitted onto any staircase, it can accommodate the largest of staircases including those which have winding steps and rounded bottom steps.
  • Perfect finish – The bullnose/ tread has the perfect finish in the exact match colour, there are no joins or need to silver metal strips it is a seamless finish till the very end.

If you are looking into a new alternative to carpet which is affordable and reliable, contact our professional team now.