Increasing Your Property Value With UK Laminate Stairs

It is extremely difficult to get onto that all famous property ladder for first time buyers, in fact you should be awarded a gold medal once you’re on it! Once you have saved up your huge deposit and finally buy your first home you kind of overlook the fact that you may one day want to sell it!

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As we are confident you are all avid followers of this great man Martin Lewis as are, we, after years of following his tips and advice regarding the property ladder, we have taken his methodology on board which has led us to achieving our goal of launching our innovative new stair solution.

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You may think of your home as just that your home, but can you really say it will be your forever home? As time goes on, careers progress, goals change, and your home may become just be another stepping stone in life. So, should we think of our home as something more? To us a home is an investment, so why wouldn’t you want to get most of the properties you buy, spend a little and gain more in the property ladder. It isn’t called a property ladder for nothing you know. As you grow, we like to think your home and desires grow too!

If you think as your home as an investment you may see things a little differently, all the design features and home décor you desire could add significant value on top of your property, plus with house prices rising with each year the capital within your property will grow significantly.

So, what do we have to offer to add a little bit of extra value to your property? We offer what every household structurally requires (unless you have a bungalow of course!) stairs! If you think about it logically, staircases are the first thing you see in a home and they are extremely overlooked from a design point of view due to the necessity of them. It is super expensive to replace a staircase and not to mention the mess involved and structural complications that can occur. The only other option is carpet, not really the wow factor just the norm and usually the only solution to choose from, until UKLS but we will come to that.

From a home investment point of view, you have nothing different to offer when selling your home and there is no extra value in an extra fluffy carpeted staircase! Now if you were to invest in a laminate stair cladding solution, you’re not just opening your home up to a beautiful feature that is practical, hygienic and easy on the eye, but it also offers longevity as opposed to your traditional carpet. Another bonus, it could potentially add market value to your property and increase interest of buyers when you decide to jump up the property ladder.

Long term savings with UKLS:

We have been doing some maths, an average carpet for your stairs is £200 (not so fluffy, skinny pile) now according to research the life expectancy for a carpet could be 10 years (well that’s what the companies tell you to sell the damn things) , also that’s if you don’t mind faeces, bacteria and a whole lot of dirty things living in the carpet that cannot be removed not even by a super powerful Dyson! In fact, in the average household of about 2-4 residents, carpet lifespan is usually about 3-5 years. It is by this point that most carpet fibres become old and frayed. Stains will also have sunk in, turning what started out as a pure white carpet into something greying and dull. So we would say after two years you would need to change your carpet, so back to the point here, in 6 years you would have forked out £600 just on your average 12 steps of carpet (filled with very bad stuff) which happens to be a basic price of a laminate stairs for 12 steps which could last up to 20 years! Now you do the maths, but we can say that it would be a remarkable saving!

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Just had another good thought whilst writing this blog that I am willing to share…

Life expectancy of carpet is on average 3-5 years, but how often does the average household redecorate? What if you go wild and decide on bright yellow carpet then a couple of years down the line come to your senses and think a nice beige natural feel is required? 3-5 years seems like a life sentence with yellow carpet on your stairs now doesn’t it. Now I know what you’re thinking or more to the point what your counter argument would be. “Wouldn’t it be the same principle with the stair cladding?” Well that’s entirely up to you but let me ask you something when you lay laminate flooring in your home do you change it simply because your home décor doesn’t suit? Or do you compromise and source home décor that you like and will also suit your laminate? Not to mention the financial strain it would cause if you were to change your laminate flooring every time you fancy a change.

Just pointing out the obvious guys! When buying laminate flooring majority of buyers have a colour or finish in mind they are indefinitely attracted to. For example, if you are a modern human being through and through and your personality is lush, high end, clinical white then your most likely going to choose a laminate that is grey, or a unique colour that projects your modern personality. However, if your more of an antique, traditional and earthy person you are going to choose dark oak and walnut finishes, a reflection of you and your personality. When you’re buying laminate flooring you have longevity in mind and you know it is something you are never going want to replace for a very long time or if ever. The same principle applies to your stairs, you will naturally choose a colour you know suits you, your home and your style.

TIP: If you don’t have a style preference and do struggle with design ideas and home décor, there is a great little influencer that can help you gather ideas to create your perfect home, do you know what it is?


We happen to be on this useful platform + continue to upload images from our customer’s journeys with UKLS.

Now, moving on……

Cleaning and Maintenance:

In this section of this very long blog (length is due to the sole purpose of google ranking – just a little free marketing tip folks! 2000-2500 best ranking on google, be mindful of that and try and stay awake) we will compare both our stair solution with the traditional carpet with no bias opinions from us, honest!

So how often SHOULD you clean your carpet, well according to a recent blog from Service Master Clean it would be a lot!

“A good general rule for the average household is to vacuum twice a week, and have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year. For high-traffic households with pets, children, or smokers, we recommend cleaning your carpets anywhere between three and seven times a week, depending on how soiled the area is”

So, let’s get this right:

  • Vacuum twice a week – Does that really remove all the fungi and bacteria from your carpet? The stairs are a very high traffic area- especially if you have a brain like mine very forgetful, up and down them like a ping pong ball!
  • Professionally cleaned once a year – Hmm I wonder what the cost would be? Should we really need to fork out on maintenance for carpet? In fact, who does that? Personally, if it gets to the point, we need a professional to clean it then I am afraid its time for a new carpet.
  • High traffic households 3-7 times a week vacuuming – wow! Clear your daily schedules guys and put your job, cooking + life on hold you have a carpet to clean. It is a bit strenuous to say the least. Just remember after a long day at work, you have a lovely vacuuming activity to go home to.

To summarise if you love to clean or even have the time to clean and would love the experience of a professional cleaner once a year then great carpet is the perfect option for you and your future buyers.

From a buyer prospective whatever the condition of your current carpet on your stairs, it will 98% be removed and replaced as soon as the sale of your home goes through and new owners move in, unless they want to keep your dead skin cells around a bit longer of course. It is just part of the cycle I am afraid. I suppose it is the same principle of leaving your bed, would they really keep and sleep in it? I DON’T THINK SO! A carpet is no investment and it will never add value to your home, however our stair cladding solution will (not to be big headed or bias at all) it makes your stairs a feature and a practical solution for the duration you’re in your home.

Kind of lost track here haven’t I, I was supposed to be comparing the cleaning and maintenance between carpet and UKLS, so here goes….

Cleaning + Maintaining Laminate Stairs:

Step 1 – Wipe over each step with a clean dry cloth

Step 2 – Plug in you hoover and vacuum each step with precision

Step 3 – Spray each step with floor cleaner

Step 4 – Get a damp cloth

Step 5 – Get on your hands and knees and scrub each step with meaning


It is simple really, hoover as and when you feel you need to, (or if you want to save some electricity a brush is just as good) use a damn cloth to clean spillage or muck as and when needed (please make sure you let it dry before running up and down in slippers) laminate stairs have the same maintenance and cleaning qualities as, you guessed it! Laminate Flooring. No professional cleaner required, yearly, wipe away the bacteria and mess in one clean swoop, sounds like a plan!

For more information about cleaning laminate please use this nifty link:

With all this information, you will be selling your home just on the stairs alone or reeking the benefits of laminate stairs in your forever home.

So what else can you do to increase your property value and bring more interest to your door? (We are here to help, it is not all about trying to get you to buy our product we are very generous with our advice you know)

Well to answer your question, according to some property experts there are plenty of options for you, which if affordable (affordable being the key word here) and offers you improvement on enhancing your home then it is something worth considering.

Just to mention a few:

  • Loft conversation – It is always good to optimise the space you have, and if the opportunity to add an extra room to your home then why not, it could be a beauty room, games room or a guest room either way value where value is due. It doesn’t need to be expensive and will certainly be significantly cheaper than building an extension.
  • Apply for planning permission – Yes, I do realise I have just mentioned how it expensive an extension could be but applying for planning permission and having something built are two separate things. By applying your opening, the door for the next buyer, adding further potential to the property in which they may have overlooked. Giving your buyer a bigger vision than they originally expected will always help with a sale.  
  • Open plan living – Easily achievable and highly desirable

For more tips and ideas on how to increase the value of your home visit Property Advice, there Is plenty of information, tips and even indication of how much value can be added. So, what are you waiting for get clicking! Once you have finished reading this amazing blog of course!

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Let’s wrap it up + summarise:

  • Carpet bad – Laminate stairs Good
  • Carpet dirty – Laminate stairs hygienic
  • Carpet dated – Laminate stairs timeless
  • Carpet necessity – Laminate Stairs a feature
  • Carpet is the norm – Laminate stairs is the extraordinary
  • Carpet affordable – Laminate stairs affordable with long term savings

Finally, will laminate stairs increase the value of your home?

Well the there is only one way to find out!

*** THE END ***

The Owners of UKLS have a personal message for all there readers:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the poor souls who have been legends enough to withstand our blog post and read all the way to the very end, this is our very first official blog from UKLS, and as challenging as it has been, and despite the playfulness throughout we hope that it makes a lasting impression and that you are able to take away some of the tips and advice given to improve on your property and future property goals.

Whether you be open to change with our new stair solution or prefer carpet we wish you all the best in your future endeavours, and hope you feel happy enough to return to us even if it is just to read our blogs.

So, without further ado (finally over 2000 words!) thank you from Nat + Gemm team UKLS.


Blog by: Gemm @ UKLS (Not a professional, not an amateur just something in-between)