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    Take a step in the right Direction with UKLS.    

    UK Laminate Stairs Ltd is a family-owned company specialising in a unique stair cladding solution that has transformed the stairs of many households.

    With limited affordable alternatives to stair coverings and the popularity of laminate flooring, UK Laminate Stairs was established to provide customers with a more durable, practical, hygienic and visually stunning solution.

    Stairs are an integral fixture in most homes, often being the first visual upon entrance, by introducing our stair cladding UKLS provides the opportunity to see your staircase in a whole new light. With an abundance of colour options to suit individual decorative styles and the flexibility to mix & match treads/risers, you can truly transform your stairs into a statement piece.

    Made from AC5 commercial grade laminate, the premium quality ensures longevity, with an easy installation system without upkeep or maintenance, perfect for busy households, especially those with pets and children.

    Also offering exact match flooring in each of the colour options to provide a seamless transition into any area of your home.

    UKLS is extremely proud to introduce our fantastic products and is driven to deliver the exemplary customer service we promise.

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