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Laminate Stair Cladding

The Square One

Laminate Stair Cladding

The Round One

One click and the transformation of your stair case is well and truly underway! 

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S T A I R   C L A D D I N G 

S O L U T I O N S 

Take A Step In The Right Direction with UKLS...

We offer longevity, beauty and a timeless design with our stair cladding solution. 

Stair cladding of your choice whether it be in premium grade laminate with a vast colour range, or a Rounded bullnose solution; we supply, advise and ensure a stunning result! 

Easy installation - it really is DIY friendly and can completely transform your current staircase in a day, eliminating any mess or expense of replacing your existing staircase. There is minimal elements required, ensuring simplicity in the fitting:

  • Stair Cladding Bullnose
  • Stair cladding Tread & Riser
  • Adhesive 
  • Saw 

All packaged in a box ready for you to completely revonlutionize your current stairs!

We currently have three ranges to offer:

  1. The Square One - AC5 Grade Laminate |Plenty of Colours | Optional follow through flooring
  2. The Rounded One - Premium Laminate |11 Colour ranges  Rounded complete bullnose/tread

All three have their own USP'S all high quality, the only difference is personal preference. We believe choice is important to you guys and we are always expanding on ranges to certify a wide selection to choose from. 

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